Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

In addition to the terms and conditions below, each member will be asked to read and sign Co-Fe Community Norms. This document will be made available to you via email on your first day in the Co-Fe community. Similarly, in the event that you have selected one of the "Office - Interest Form” memberships, our community manager will follow up with you as to additional provisions, expectations, and responsibilities that are associated with becoming an integral member of our community. 


Like most Terms and Conditions, ours are long and boring. They’re shorter than most and we’ve tried to write them in plain English as much as possible, keeping the “legalese” to a minimum. Please read them carefully to understand what you can expect of us and what we expect of you.


“You”, “Your,” or “I” refers to the Member and each of the Member’s Authorized Users. “We”, “Us”, or “Our” refers to Co-Fe staff and owners. A Member who has subscribed for additional persons to be included in their membership must designate in advance each Authorized User who will be included in the Member’s subscription.


  1. Membership Agreements vary in their term requirements. Café and Open Seat Memberships are month-to-month. Dedicated Desk Memberships require a three-month minimum commitment. Private Office Memberships require a six-month minimum commitment. All membership payments are due at the start of their use of the space and then every 30 days thereafter on a recurring basis.

  2. We may charge late fees and/or withhold services if payments are not received on time.

  3. Members may pay via credit card or debit card. 

  4. If you plan to be a member for longer than a month, we will set up automatic monthly debit or credit charges. 

  5. We will automatically charge your card for additional services you use each month, such as printing and meeting room use beyond the credit hours included in your monthly Membership Fee. 

  6. We will charge you $25 for a key fob that you lose or don’t return at the end of your membership. 


  1. You are responsible for your actions and conduct and those of your Guests in Co-Fe including, without limitation, any damage you cause to our or any other person’s property or any injury you cause to any person. You will reimburse us or the other person for any damage or injury you may cause. 

  2. You and your guests agree to comply with any house rules we may set. 

  3. You will do your part to keep Co-Fe attractive for you and your fellow co-workers. Please don’t bring things in or leave things lying around that are unsightly, emit odors or attract critters. If you do, we will ask you to remove them. 

  4. If you want to use our logo in any way, you must get our prior written agreement. 


  1. We will not share your information with other people except as needed to process your membership agreement and payments, or as required by law, regulation or legal process.
  2. We would like to share information about you with fellow Co-Fe Members and on our website but will only do that if you give us your written approval. 


  1. We have placed cameras in the common areas only for use as a security measure. Video will not be used for any other purpose. 

  2. We do not have a “no children policy.” In fact, we love well-behaved children. This said, we will ask that you and your child(ren) leave the space if your child(ren) disrupt(s) Co-Fe’s professional working environment.
  3. We may relocate electrical, internet or Wi-Fi services as needed to support the needs of our co-working business. 

  4. We may access your office or desk space, with or without notice, for maintenance, safety or emergency purposes. During these times, we may temporarily move furniture contained in the office space. 

  5. With advance notice, we may need to move or alter your desk or office space. 
If your desk of office needs to be moved to a location that you are uncomfortable with or object to, you can terminate your membership without penalty.
  6. We may have events, typically after hours or on weekends, that require desks in common areas to be temporarily moved. We will give you at least 48 hours’ notice if such event use could affect your desk. 

  7. We may modify or reduce the list of Services at any time but will give you a minimum of 30 days prior notice. 

  8. We’re committed to conserving energy and water. We may not operate the heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems before 7 am, after 5:30 pm, or on weekends or holidays unless prior arrangements have been made. 

  9. Our membership rates may change from time-to-time, but we will give you at least 30 days written notice before we do. 


  1. We won’t receive any furniture, equipment, merchandise or large or bulky packages on your behalf unless you first get our approval to do so. 

  2. We are not responsible for any data, business or other losses as a result of Internet or utility service interruptions or any other breakdown in service. 

  3. We do not warrant that Co-Fe is good “fit” for particular business or creative activities or purpose of any other kind. 

  4. Except as otherwise prohibited by law, we are not liable to you for any damages of any kind 
whatsoever that you may incur in the use of services of or as a member of Co-Fe. 

  5. We do not control and are not responsible for the actions of other members, their guests or any other user of the Services or Premises. If a dispute arises between members, other users or their guests, we have no responsibility or obligation to participate, mediate, or indemnify any party. 


  1. Access to the Internet is provided as part of the Services. Each Member receives a unique username and password that can be used across multiple devices. 

  2. If you use a lot of data, we may ask you to pay more in subsequent months. 

  3. If you require a dedicated, high bandwidth connection, you may request, or we may ask that you to upgrade to a dedicated bandwidth appropriate for your use. 

  4. We will handle service interruptions in a commercially reasonable manner. 

  5. You are responsible to protect your own computer and data from electrical surges, theft, virus or other malicious attack. 

  6. You may not upload files that you know, or reasonably should know, contain viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or any other type of software or program that may damage the operation of another’s computer or property of another. 

  7. You may not download any file(s) that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally reproduced, displayed, performed, and/or distributed in such manner or is contaminated in such a way that you would be prohibited from uploading it. 

  8. You agree not to resell any aspect of the internet access, whether for profit or otherwise, share your IP address or ISP Internet connection with anyone, or authorize any other individual or entity to use the Internet access. 


  1. Guests are welcome for up to 3 hours per visit. If your guest is staying longer, unless participating in a meeting with you, please purchase a day pass for your guest. 

  2. You may have Guests in Meeting Rooms you have booked, in your private office (if you have one) or in the common lounge areas, but not at Open Seat or Dedicated Desks. 

  3. All Guests must sign in at reception.
  4. We may ask Guests to sign an acknowledgement that they have read and agree to abide by any rules and regulations applicable to Co-Fe. 

  5. We may limit the number of guests or the frequency of Guests you may invite into Co-Fe. 

  6. We may institute a Guest policy at any time or otherwise approve Guests prior to permitting them access to Co-Fe. 


Co-Fe carries General Liability Insurance, but this does not cover any loss to your business, property, possessions or equipment. We strongly recommend that you carry an insurance policy that covers your own property, possessions, equipment and any business losses while using our space.


  1. As part of your membership, you are eligible to lease a business mailbox with a designated suite number at Co-Fe’s street address for receiving a reasonable amount of mail and small packages. 

  2. If you receive larger volumes of mail than we can reasonably handle, we may ask you to make special arrangements with us that may involve an additional fee. 

  3. Mail is delivered to Suite mail boxes located in the north corridor of 314 S. Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501. 

  4. If you occasionally want us to receive large packages on your behalf, you must make prior arrangements for that in writing. 


  1. Meeting rooms are for meetings with customers, teammates and clients only. They are not to be used by individuals as a private office. 

  2. If you schedule a meeting,
  3. You are responsible for cleaning up after using the meeting room. If you re-arrange the furniture in the meeting room, please return it to the original set-up when you’re finished. 

  4. You are responsible for ensuring all Guests who attend a meeting leave Co-Fe after the meeting and that the meeting room door is locked. 

  5. If you would like to hold an event at Co-Fe, please talk to staff to discuss scheduling, guest policies, insurance requirements, additional fees and other terms and conditions. 


You and your fellow co-workers value the security that Co-Fe provides. Your cooperation and participation are important to maintain that security.

  1. You are responsible for protecting Co-Fe and your own personal property from theft, robbery and pilferage. 

  2. Don’t let anyone into Co-Fe who is not a Member or a Guest. Please make sure they have proper access. If you are unsure, have the person sign in with the community manager during normal business hours. After hours or on weekends, don’t let anyone in if you are uncertain they are authorized. 

  3. Be alert for “tailgating” – as you enter or leave the building, don’t let anyone else walk in who does not have their own authorized access. 

  4. Don’t make copies of any keys, keycards, apps or other means of entry to the Premises or lend, share, or transfer any of those to anyone else. 

  5. If you lose a key/keycard/fob, you must inform us immediately. We will disable what you lost and issue you a new one. 

  6. We will investigate any suspected break-in, theft or breach of security, including information technology, systems or networks and any suspected breach of this Agreement. In doing so, we may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities. We may prosecute those who breach our security in any way and/or who violate this Agreement. We may discontinue, suspend or terminate your membership and/or access to our services, in whole or in part, without notice, for any reason and without any obligation to you or any third party.


We appreciate that alcohol and certain drugs are part of our culture, but still:

  1. You may not consume or bring any drug prohibited by law into Co-Fe. 

  2. You may not consume or bring any alcohol into Co-Fe without our prior consent or in a way that might interfere with fellow coworkers ability to do their work. 


  1. You may bring bikes to Co-Fe if you store them on the bike racks we provide to the building. 

  2. Please keep smaller rolling devices like skateboards in your own space at Co-Fe and keep them out of walkways and aisles where they could be a hazard. 

  3. You may not use bikes, skateboards, roller skates, or rollerblades inside Co-Fe or the larger building, known as Common Ground. 


Our highest priority is to maintain a quality professional work environment for our Members. Pets can contribute to a happy work environment, but pets can also be a detraction. If you want to bring a pet, please ask us first. We will work with you to see if we can agree on a trial period and will ask you to clean up after your pet and to protect us and reimburse us for any cost we may have, including attorney fees, from any damage or harm your pet may cause to property or a person. We will also ask you to keep the pet under your control and near you at all times. If your pet creates problems for Members that cannot be easily and reasonably rectified (e.g., allergies, distraction, smells), we may ask you to keep your pet at home.


Co-Fe is intended to be a safe and professional workspace that serves the business and creative needs of its members. Respect for others is a fundamental behavioral requirement of our community. If you do things that are determined to be incompatible with this quality of behavior, in our sole discretion we reserve the right to terminate your membership.

  1. You may not bore into or attach things to the walls without first getting our permission. 

  2. You may not cut wires for any reason. 

  3. You cannot conduct any illegal activities from Co-Fe. 

  4. You cannot sell goods or services at retail in or from Co-Fe without our prior written consent. 

  5. You and your Guests cannot do anything that is reasonably likely to be disruptive, offensive, or dangerous to other members, their guests, or their property or the property of Co-Fe or Common Ground. 
You agree that Co-Fe can decide what actions, if any, “cross over the line” of appropriateness.

  6. You may not sleep over or live at Co-Fe. 

  7. You cannot bring the following things into Co-Fe:
  8. any kind of firearm, knife, weapon or explosive. 

  9. any kerosene, gasoline or inflammable or combustible fluid or material. 

  10. You can’t use Co-Fe or our services in connection with contests, scavenger hunts, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited message (commercial 
or otherwise). 

  11. You can’t create a false identity or misrepresent yourself to others.
  12. You can’t use any method of heating or air conditioning other than what we provide.
  13. You can’t use meeting spaces or phone booths as a place for continuous, everyday work.


  1. You and we agree to resolve any disputes we may have with each other in a collaborative manner.
  2. If you and we cannot resolve a dispute by sitting down and talking to each other, you and we will try to resolve the dispute by mediation. You and we may propose one or more proposed mediators to the other party with experience appropriate for the nature of the dispute. 

  3. If you and we are not successful resolving the dispute in mediation, you and we agree to submit the dispute to arbitration. You and we may propose one or more proposed arbitrators to the other party with experience appropriate for the nature of the dispute.
  4. The outcome of the arbitration shall be binding on you and we and neither you nor we shall commence or pursue litigation in a court of law against the other. 

  5. You agree that any dispute you may have with us that may go to mediation or arbitration will be yours alone and not with or on behalf of any other Member, Guest, co-worker or other third party of any kind. 

  6. If either you or we obtain legal counsel in regard to a dispute you or we may have, you and we agree that each party shall be responsible for and pay their own attorney’s fees, costs and expenses, regardless of the outcome of such matter. If you do not agree with this, you should not become a Member. 

  7. You agree not to assert any claims against us that exceed an amount equal to one month’s membership fee you have paid to us unless you claim your loss is due to our gross negligence or willful misconduct. 

  8. You agree to protect us and reimburse us for any cost we may have, including attorney fees, from any claims made by someone else because of your actions or inactions. 

  9. In the event that any provision or portion of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, in whole or in part, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be unaffected and shall remain in full force and effect to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. 

  10. All provisions of this Agreement reasonably expected to survive the termination of this Agreement will do so. 


These Terms and Conditions give you the benefits of the services for which you have subscribed for the term for which you have paid; but it does not create any interests of any kind in the property or business of Co-Fe. This is not a lease; it doesn’t make you a tenant or us a landlord. It doesn’t make you our partner or a partner in the business of another co-worker. It doesn’t give you any rights of possession of any kind, rights in our business or the business of another co-worker, rights to any of our intellectual property or that of any other co-worker. We are not your employer and you are not our employee. We do not have any fiduciary duty to you.


  1. We may terminate any Service at any time and may terminate your participation in and use of any Services, immediately without notice, if, in our opinion, you fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions.

  2. If you have a Cafe or Open Seat membership, you may terminate your membership at any time by not renewing and not paying for another month of membership.
  3. If you have a Dedicated Desk or Private Office membership, you may terminate your membership at any time by giving us 30 days written notice and not paying for your membership after the 30 days of notice period. If you give us less than 30 days written notice of termination, we will charge you for the full 30 days. 

  4. If you or we feel that your membership is not suitable for Co-Fe, you or we may terminate your membership. 

  5. If either party to this Agreement is unable to perform their obligations for reasons beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to government laws or proceedings, labor disturbances, interruption of power or internet service; fire; explosion; catastrophe; war or act of terrorism; weather, earthquake or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of a party the other party may terminate this agreement. If we change the Terms and Condition and you do not agree to the change in Terms and Conditions, you may terminate your membership. 

  6. Any suspension or termination will not affect your obligations to Co-Fe under this Agreement. 


Before you sign this Agreement, please confirm each of the following by checking the boxes below:

  • You have read these Terms and Conditions and understand them. 

  • You are authorized to sign these Terms and Conditions and Membership Agreement. 

  • You acknowledge that you have inspected the premises (or will inspect the premises prior to commencement of your business operations), observed no dangerous or otherwise substandard conditions and accept the facilities of Co-Fe “as is.” 

  • You have all necessary approvals to be a member of and/or work at Co-Fe and are not violating any agreements by becoming a member of and/or working at Co-Fe. 
If you feel these terms and condition are not appropriate for you, we will understand that and suggest that Co-Fe may not be the right place for you. If you accept the terms and conditions, but don’t abide by them, we may ask you to leave Co-Fe and may terminate your membership in Co-Fe. 
By signing this Agreement, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Condition. We may update these Terms and Conditions at any time and will notify you of any changes by email at the email address(es) you give us. If we change the Terms and Conditions, and you continue to renew and pay for your membership, we will take it that you have agreed to the changes. You can request a copy of the latest Terms and Conditions at any time. 

In addition to the terms and conditions below, each member will be asked to read and sign Co-Fe Community Norms. This document will be made available to you via email on your first day in the Co-Fe community. Similarly, in the event that you have selected one of the "Office - Interest Form” memberships, our community manager will follow up with you as to additional provisions, expectations, and responsibilities that are associated with becoming an integral member of our community. 


I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement.